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“I have known Mark most of my life and he is a man you can trust. He cares about people first and foremost, he loves what he does and prides himself on a job well done. If you have a chance to work with Mark, don’t pass on it.” — K. Marchand


“Mark England is one of the most driven, loyal, hard working people I have ever met. He is not afraid to take on a challenge, in fact he thrives on it. He is detail oriented in everything he does. Mark does his homework and learns as much as he can about a task before starting. He plots out a plan and puts it in motion. If he makes a commitment, he follows through until the job is done right. His management and engineering background provide him with skills in creating a product, managing a team and dealing with people in a fair and sensitive manner. Mark’s dedication to family and friends is one of his best attributes. He spends his free time volunteer coaching his sons’ sports teams or “fixing things” at his in-laws condo.” — A. Lennertz


“I hired Mark England to work on our engineering installation procedures. Mark took a job that was in disrepair and elevated it with new processes, implementing new tools to facilitate his customers use in the preparation of the accessory installation instructions. Mark is a very hard worker and a very consciences person and this shows in all aspects of his day to day working habits.” — C. Ferguson

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